Erasmus+ Week


Erasmus+ meeting in Hungary took place in our school from 10-14 October. We were all looking forward to the first meeting with the German and Estonian students and their teachers. Monday morning was spent getting acquainted. We introduced ourselves and our school to our guests. We showed them around the building. We explained how important sustainability is for us as we are an eco-school. We also took part in an English class with our guests where we worked in groups.
After lunch students from both countries gave power point presentations on national parks in their countries. We talked about the animals, plants and sights of Hortobágy National Park. We learned that this was the first national park of our country and that it is part of the World Heritage. To conserve biodiversity, the European Union has created the Natura 2000 network, a set of sites designated to protect endangered habitats and species. Hortobágy National Park is part of this network.
In the afternoon we went on a sightseeing walk. Our guests could see the symbol of Debrecen, the Great Reformed Church, the monument of Kossuth Lajos, the buildings of Déry Museum and the Reformed College and the Csokonai Theatre. The walk gave a live demonstration of visible elements of the Green City programme which we had already presented in an online contact.


Everyone was looking forward to this day, because we went on a trip to Hortobágy. The trip was very enjoyable. First we visited the Bird Hospital, where we learned some interesting facts about the birds and their treatment. It was an everlasting experience to see species of indigenous flora and fauna. A species conservation and habitat protection programme also operates in the national park. We learned many interesting things about racka sheep, grey cattle and the typical animals of Hortobágy.
We saw four habitat types. The alternation of salt steppes, loess steppes, swamps and flood plains makes the beauty of Hortobágy unique. Level differences in saline soils are very important for the development of vegetation. We discussed the importance of sustainability which is possible by preserving the environment and natural resources for future generations. Our guests tasted the famous Hungarian goulash and “bukta” with jam.
Our last programme was watching the cranes. The sky was filled with thousands of birds flying to their roosting place at sunset.


Recycling was the main topic of our programmes on Wednesday. In the morning we started with kahoot quizzes related to this topic. Then we give presentations on decomposition and biodegradable products. We learnt about the differences between recycling and reusing. After that while the Estonian students attend an English class, the Germans made paper baskets with one of our teachers and we made a two-person PET bottle sofa. After a while, our sport afternoon began. It started with the forming teams and with a competition. Our PE teacher explained the tasks to us, and we presented and translated them to the foreign children. The team-building competition was fun! At the end of that, we were given 1 hour of free time; we played volleyball, floorball and basketball. Everyone enjoyed doing sports together. After the sport afternoon was over, we had some rest. At the end of the day we held a bowling evening.


The topic of Thursday was the water. In the morning we gathered in front of our guests’ accommodation, as we continued to the waterworks from there. We saw enormous tanks and a series of pipes. We listened to a very interesting presentation about how they clean our drinking water, which is then sent to households. We could also taste the unfiltered water; it had a bit of an iron taste. In the afternoon we headed towards the Great Forest, where we visited the University of Debrecen for the first time. After looking around inside, we walked to the health-resort called Aquaticum, where we spent 2 hours. We slid down on many of the slides, swam around, played with our guests. We went back to school by tram. There we had a generous buffet dinner, after which we said tearful goodbye to our guests.


On Friday, we evaluated and closed the weekly programme. We had a look back at the events of the week and summarised what we have learnt about sustainability.On Friday we said goodbye to our new friends hoping to meet them again in May.

Project Meeting in Debrecen (program).pdf

Results Questionnaire Debrecen 2022.pdf


Erasmus+ Week


On Monday we were very excited. We could meet the Estonian and the German children. We sat in front of the camera and we saw a lot of friendly faces. We started the game. We had to say two true and one false statement about ourselves. We had fun and had a good laugh.


Our task for Tuesday was to write stereotypes about German and Estonian people. Almost everyone read out at least two clichés, we managed to collect the most. We heard some stereotypes about Germans that we knew, but there were also some that were new for us. Then we played the Estonian-made Kahoot game, also about stereotypes. This day was my favourite because we were still at the beginning of getting to know each other.


On the third day, we first asked each other riddles. It was fun, there were easy ones and also difficult ones. Later we talked about food and how it affects our environment. We learned a lot of interesting facts on this day.


On Thursday, we listened to different German and Estonian animal sounds. It was surprising how different they were from ours. After that we listened to a presentation by the eighth graders, and then we played a music related Kahoot game. We said goodbye to each other, as this was our last activity together for the week.

Green city (Presentations)


City tour (Hungary)

On Saturday, we had the chance to show the city to the tourists in the bright sunshine at its most beautiful, when we toured the city centre and the Great Forest. After this tour, we showed them the landmarks of the Hortobágy, where we could observe the migration of cranes.


Class visits (Hungary)

On Tuesday, during the second lesson, our guests visited an English lesson in the class 7.a, after which they checked in on the math class in the class 2.c

After the classroom visits, we discussed the steps of the program’s execution. The consultation was then followed by the tour of the school’s workshop where the students have the chance to make enamel jewelleries. Our guests also had the opportunity to try this unique technique. They made medals with Éva Molnár and her students.


Presentation of the school (Hungary)

The German and Estonian guests had been here for three days. On Thursday, they got to know more about our school, while they were also allowed to take a closer look at the various activities and workshops of the art school.


Collecting paper

On the 18th of October, we collected paper. This activity was led by the SGA (Student Government Association). Although we could collect less wastepaper than usual, still a half-truckload worth of recyclable paper has been collected. Many thanks for the assistance of the parents.


First Skype connection with kids

On the 15th of October in 2021 we got in touch with the German kids through Skype. During the virtual meeting, there was a great atmosphere. We got to know a lot about each other, and we could not wait to meet them in person.


ERASMUS+ meeting

We keep in touch through Skype with the other schools that are also participating in the 2020-2022 Erasmus+ European Union tender. Soon, besides the teachers, the students will also have the chance to get to know those pupils who are attending to the Estonian and German partner schools. The get-together of the adults in Debrecen will take place in the beginning of November.


European Waste Reduction Week

Everybody in our school prepared with huge enthusiasm for the European Waste Reduction Week. On the 24th of November we opened the exhibition of shopping bags. On the 25th of October, we tidied up the yard of the school, then on the 26th of October, we made a tableau from nice plastic caps out of which we created a beautiful carpet on the stage of our school.


Sustainability Theme Week

Our school performed outstandingly during the School Sport Program, so, as the most active school in the county, we received a gift package containing 35,000 HUF worth of sports equipment.
Eco-flower planting: Tuesday afternoon, the students of class 2nd B planted winter flowers in plant pots to decorate the windows of their classrooms.