About us

„Think Globally, Act Locally” – Climate detectives in the school.

Our Erasmus+ project deals with natural resources, reflects and influences positively our actions and as a long-term goal it makes Europe a bit greener. To take environmentalism seriously we must judge our acts critically and think responsibly about the future.

The main goal of our project is for students to develop their environmental awareness interdisciplinary and holistically. In addition, we would like to inspire the young students to improve their social commitment and enhance European solidarity by taking part in the activities of our project.

The European Union sets out the objective that it wants to be the first climate neutral continent by improving humans’ life quality, air and water quality, health care and nature. We would like to assist to reach this goal with our German and Estonian partners. 

We are taking measures to reduce the amount of waste in the school and in our homes. We critically evaluate our behaviour as consumers, minimize our water, electricity, and energy consumption.

As the part of the project, we would like to visit national parks, organize recycling activities and workshops about issues like reducing waste, consumer behaviour, and gardening at school. By educating our students and making them “climate detectives”, our aim is to develop a local guidance which can be adapted to a global level.

With our innovative ideas about the management of natural resources and recycling, we hope we will be able to change the thinking of not only our students, but their parents as well. As a result of our project, we will strengthen the European community and establish our partners’ ideas and best practices in the participating schools.

Today’s school prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, we find it important to monitor the changes of the job market to more sustainable workplaces and to develop our students’ key competences to fit the challenges. In the long run we will also help our older students to pass on their knowledge on the project to the younger ones.

The e-Twinning website, that will be used as a communication tool during the project, enables information transfer between the participants. This way students can continue communication, take part in the European climate action, and ensure the cohesion between European citizens.

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