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Waste reduction week

Everybody in our school prepared with huge enthusiasm for the European Waste Reduction Week. We organised activates that needed a lot of preparation, as we wanted to comply with all health control measures.

On 24th of November, we opened an exhibition, where each class got their own spot where they could place a shopping bag that they brought from home. With this exhibition, we wanted to point out how many opportunities we have in our daily lives to replace plastic bags and nylon bags. Students had the chance to decorate the folding screens from the previous week, so we could avoid the crowd.

On 25th of November, our students grabbed leaf reeks to sweep the fallen leaves from the yard of the school. The responsibilities of the classes were strictly arranged, the students had to stick to the rules about which yard they had to clean up.

On the 26th of November, dozens of beautiful creations have been made of plastic caps and we made a nice carpet of these on the stage of our school. The creativity of the classes was boundless, so we could admire such pieces as the recycling sign, the Tree of Life, the masked Earth, or a dolphin among others.

Sustainability week

During the Sustainability Theme Week every class found it important to visit the herbal garden of the school. Not only observation was important for them, but gaining experiences as well. They planted onions, filled the compostiera, and even had time to make and taste herbal tea.

In third grade, students observed the process of waste management, with the help of the lesson plan called ‘Face your rubbish!’. During the class the students could expand their knowledge about waste, waste collection, and use. The posters and drawings from their lesson are displayed on the notice board since then. They also made toys out of the rubbish, and played with them after the lesson. They observed the prioritization of waste management through five steps.

Our fourth grade students observed causes, facts, consequences and concepts during the Sustainability Theme Week. During science, reading, and ethics lesson they discussed the question called ‘What does sustainability mean?’. Every student had to complete a sentence and there were different outcomes. The most expressive was the following solution:

‘Sustainability means that we do not cause more suffering for the Earth.’

During Composition and Art lesson, 4.a students discussed the relationship of past, present and the future. They made drawings and posters with the title: ‘Future is in your hands!’ 

In Biodiversity Theme Day the students of class 4.b had a day-care task in the eco-garden, which involved filling out a worksheet. They made the week more enjoyable with watching movies, playing trivia contests, and listening to the sound of nature.

Upper-class (grades 5-8) students participated in the ‘Do sports for yourself!’ programme, where they rode bicycles, ran, and took a stroll. They did an outstanding achievement in the school sport programme, so they won sport equipment – worth 35.000Ft – as the most active school of the county.

We also participated in the tree-planting programme. The Hortobágy National Park donated us a Hungarian ash tree which we planted in the school garden.

School cleaning day

In the school cleaning day, we managed to involve every student in the cleaning process: all of them got tools and they were happy to work in the garden. The job was done well, so at the end of the day every student was tired, but proud. We worked in the herbal garden and the two schoolyards.

‘The answers for today’s problems lie in ourselves. I want us to believe that we are the rays of hope! The answer lies in us, in our changed thinking!’ (Dr. Iván Gyula)

Organization ID: E10160421
Name of institution: Vénkerti Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola
Name of institution (in local language): Vénkerti Általános Iskola és AMI
National ID (if any): 031096
Street and house number: Sinay Miklós utca 6.
Country: Hungary
Zip code: 4027
City: Debrecen
Phone: +3652416755
Fax: +3652416661

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